What movie can I pick?

You can pick any movie, TV show, sporting event that you own or have access to (for copyright reasons). We can make just about anything work. Don’t worry. We will walk you through the whole thing and handle the logistics.

How do I reserve a day?

To start the process, go to the Book It page to check our calendar. If your date is available, fill out our Booking Form, and we will get back to you ASAP.

What do I need to supply?

Usually, all we need is access to one power outlet. We provide all the equipment, and we can provide popcorn, candy, decorations, and more. You bring the audience, we handle the rest!

What if it rains?

It won’t. But just in case, we will lockdown some alternate rain days with you. We keep a close eye on the weather, and will make the decision with you if the date needs to be moved.

How many people can I invite?

It kind of depends on your space and how many can safely fit, and stay distanced, in your yard. It could be anywhere from 2 to 20, or more. We will discuss your space and help you settle on the number for your guest list.

What time does the movie start?

Right now, all of our movie nights are outdoors (thanks COVID-19), so our movies have to start at sundown or later. Depending on the time of year...some time around 8:00pm.

What about COVID 19?

It sucks. And we hate it just as much as you do. We adhere to all safety standards for masking, disinfecting, contact, etc. We will keep you and your family safe!